sábado, 18 de novembro de 2006

Alimentos e elixires da Amazônia: um despacho estranho da Reuters

A Reuters lançou um press-release pouco informativo, mas cheio de dicas sobre as benesses de produtos acadêmicos a partir de um relatório da Mintel, que não foi achado na página eletrônica da empresa. Quem souber mais sobre o tema, que se manifeste.
LONDON (Reuters) - Amazonian superfoods and anti-ageing elixirs are likely to set the trend on supermarket shelves next year, a report said on Thursday. Exotic drinks and beauty products based on indigenous resources from the Amazon and personal grooming items for older men are among the top 10 growth areas predicted by trendspotters at Mintel. Many of the forecast trends are based on growing consumer calls for ethical and environmentally friendly products. "Consumers all round the world are being asked to take a stand and make fundamental changes to their lifestyle, for the sake of the planet's future," said Mintel's David Jago. The survey said beauty products containing Amazonian botanicals believed to have strong health benefits have already caught on in France and are likely to feed into the fashion for food and cosmetics using natural ingredients in the UK. Male baby boomers, now reaching retirement age, are seen as a new growth market for the beauty industry. Teenagers are another key target because of the potential to cultivate brand loyalty that lasted into adulthood. Packaging is also a strong theme, with manufacturers expected to use more biodegradable or refillable packets. Mintel forecast consumer concern about the world's natural resources and how their goods are made would continue to push ethical labelling like Fairtrade into the mainstream. "This will also help to highlight local and seasonal products, symbolizing a return to fresher ingredients that have more of a community-orientated tie," it said

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