sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2007

Aumento do custo da assistência médica na França: um pouco além do envelhecimento

O aumento dos custos da assistência médica na França foram estudados pelos autores no texto que pode ser acessado (clic no título do post) com dados mais específicos e detalhados do impacto do envelhecimento. O custo das novas tecnologias pesa mais do que o aumento da proporção de idosos.
Causes of health expenditure growth: the predominance of changes in medical practices over population ageing. Brigitte Dormont et Hélène Huber Equipe Universitaire de Recherche - Institutions: Coordination, Organisation EURIsCO, Université Paris Dauphine, 2006 “…….The ageing of population is often referred to as a major determinant of the future evolution of health care expenditures. Indeed, at the individual level, health care expenditures is an increasing function of age. As life expectancy keeps improving in developed countries, the likely growing proportion of elderly people should lead mechanically to an accelerated growth of total health care expenditures….” “…..The increase in total health care expenditures in France can be explained by three distinct factors:(i) the purely demographic effect (namely, the increase in the proportion of elderly people, given that health expenditure is an increasing function of age(ii) the changes in morbidity at a given age (iii) the changes in practices, for a given age and morbidity level (e.g. technological progress). The aim of this paper is basically to disentangle, evaluate and interpret the respective effects of these three factors. If the technological progress hypothesis were to explain most of the rise in health care costs, it would reflect a collective choice towards allocating more health care to the elderly, coupled with improved technical feasibility…..”

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