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Cefaléia em idosos: dados brasileiros.

The prevalence of headache among elderly in a low-income area of São Paulo, Brazil.
Autoria de Isabela M. Benseñor, Paulo A. Lotufo, Alessandra C. Goulart, Paulo R. Menezes e Márcia Scazufca. O texto completo - publicado "on line first" em Cephalalgia - pode ser solicitado à primeira autora em isabensenor@hu.usp.br. Abstract There are scarce data about headache prevalence and its characteristics among elderly people. The aim was to carry out a cross-sectional study to determine the 1-year prevalence of tension-type and migraine headaches in people >65 years old in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. All 1615 people living in the study catchment area who agreed to participate in the study answered a questionnaire based in the International Headache Society criteria. Prevalence (mean and 95% confidence interval) of any type of headache in the last year was 45.6% (43.2, 48.0). Prevalence of tension-type headache in the last year was 33.1% (30.8, 35.4): 28.1% (24.6, 31.6) for men and 36.4% (33.4, 39.4) for women; for migraine headaches, prevalence in the last year was 10.6% (9.1, 12.1): 5.1% (3.4, 6.8) for men and 14.1% (11.9, 16.3) for women. One-year prevalence rates of headaches, and especially of migraine headaches, are very high among the elderly in Brazil.

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