sexta-feira, 14 de março de 2008

Transplantes de órgãos:os pobres de países pobres

Abaixo, mais um relato de uma situação que se estenderá nas próximas décadas: ricos comprando órgãos de pobres em países pobres. Pai vende parte do fígado para custear tratamento de câncer do filho, isto ocorreu no Cairo, Egito. A notícia é do Los Angeles Times, a síntese do blogueiro do The Wall Street Journal. Outros post sobre o comércio de órgãos, situação do transplante no Brasil e sobre a doença renal crônica podem ser lido clicando aqui.
More scenes from the global black market in organs. In Cairo, the 4-year-old son of a bus driver needs surgery for cancer. The bus driver sells part of his liver on the black market to pay for the procedure. The boy dies. But the bus driver has a new job: black-market organ broker. “I sold part of my liver to save my son,” Mustafa Hamed tells the Los Angeles Times. “But some people who come to me aren’t that desperate. They could find other solutions. Many men I see now want to sell their organs so they can afford to buy an apartment to get married. That doesn’t seem desperate enough to me. I try to tell them: ‘Be patient. You don’t need to do this.’ ” This is what happens when medical technology allows for lifesaving transplants and organ donors are in short supply. The underlying themes are the same around the world — poverty and wealth, life and death — but the story takes on different tones in different countries. In Egypt, geography and religion are drivers. Wealthy residents of oil-rich Persian Gulf countries come to Cairo in need of organs, Mohamed Queita, a legislator who has been trying for years to regulate transplants, tells the LAT. But Queita’s efforts have been slowed by Islamic clerics who argue that transplanting organs, even from brain-dead patients, is forbidden. Religious teachings can cut both ways, though. Looking back to his own operation, when he sold a piece of his liver, Hamed says: “Even if something bad had happened to me during the operation, I would not have minded as long as the objective was to rescue my son. If one dies for the sake of his son, he gets rewarded by God.”

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