segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

O sarampo nos Estados Unidos

Se ocorresse em Terra Brasilis, o que estaria acontecento na imprensa? Falência da Saúde Pública!!!
Mas, é na terra de Tio Sam. Notem que há crianças não vacinadas por crenças dos pais, filosóficas ou religiosas.
Measles Outbreaks Continue at Record Pace CDC Officials Warn of Increasing Levels of Viral Transmission By Cindy Borgmeyer 9/12/2008 In May, AAFP News Now reported on a series of measles outbreaks that had racked up a total of 64 cases between Jan. 1 and April 25 -- the most cases seen in the United States since 2001. According to CDC officials, that tally had reached 131 by the end of July -- the highest year-to-date number since 1996. As of the end of April, nine states had reported cases of the disease; now, 15 states and the District of Columbia have reported measles cases.But those figures only begin to scratch the surface of the problem. This boy with measles displays the characteristic red blotchy rash that typically appears on the third day of the illness. Of the 131 total cases reported to the CDC, 123 occurred in U.S. residents. Five of these residents had received a single dose of measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine; six had received two MMR doses; and 112 were unvaccinated or had unknown vaccination status. Of those 112 cases, 16 occurred in patients who were too young to be vaccinated and one occurred in a patient who was born before 1957 and, therefore, was presumed to have immunity. Finally, of the 95 remaining patients eligible for vaccination, 63 had not been immunized because of their parents' philosophical or religious beliefs

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