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Como o mundo está ficando sem graça: teste de paternidade nas drogarias

Clique aqui ou leia o resumo abaixo em inglês. Machado de Assis não teria mais vez. Bentinho passaria o cotonete na bochecha de Ezequiel ,de Capitolina e dele próprio. O problema estaria resolvido em 3-5 dias úteis por 200 reais....
HOW IT WORKS DNA Testing with IDENTIGENE is fast, easy, and accurate. Simply purchase a kit from a Rite Aid™ or Meijer™ for $29.99 (SRP). Collect DNA samples from each participant: Alleged Father, Child, and Biological Mother (it is strongly recommended to include the mother; learn why), using the safe and effective cheek swabs provided in the kit. Send the DNA samples and the $119.00 laboratory testing fee to IDENTIGENE using the postage-paid return envelope. DNA Testing Collection Kit at Meijer or Rite Aid: $29.99 (SRP) Laboratory processing fee: $119.00 Total cost for DNA Paternity Testing: $148.99Results available in 3-5 business days from the time that samples are received at the laboratory. You choose how results are reported: Access your DNA test results online using the email address and results password you provide on the order form. You can also access your results over the phone (password required) and/or have a hard copy of the test results mailed directly to you. 1. Purchase a DNA Test Collection Kit at the store ($29.99). 2. Collect DNA cheek cell samples from the Alleged Father and Child. 3. Send DNA samples and lab fee ($119.00) to IDENTIGENE. 4. DNA Testing Results provided by mail, phone or online. NOTE: While the DNA testing kit sold at Rite Aid™ and Meijer™ is not intended for legal purposes, the purchase price of the DNA test kit is good toward any legal DNA testing service offered by IDENTIGENE. For more information on DNA testing for legal purposes, visit our Legal DNA Paternity section or call us at 1-800-DNA-TYPE (800-362-8973)

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