quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008

A química fina é commodity

Uma notícia abaixo aparentemente sem interesse. Mas, a prova que a química fina é agora commodity. A biotecnologia chegou para ficar com grandes vantagens e custos maiores ainda. Algumas empresas perceberam, outras irão sucumbir ou entrar no mercado de genéricos. Roche Bid Blindsided Genentech By Jeanne Whalen, Dana Cimilluca and Marilyn Chase Roche Holding AG's $44 billion bid to gain full ownership of Genentech Inc. took the staunchly independent biotechnology company by surprise and risks upsetting the highly successful -- but delicate -- relationship the partners have developed over two decades. Genentech's top management maintained public silence Monday after Roche, which already controls roughly 56% of the San Francisco company, unveiled its offer for the remaining shares. But Genentech employees expressed concern about the proposed takeover's impact on Genentech's culture and identity. "It was so sudden," said Napoleone Ferrara, a Genentech fellow and 20-year veteran who

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